Strange Aeons

In Search of Sanity - Part 1
Finding yourselves... and viscera... lots of viscera

After a troubling dream in which a slender let's just say lanky man murdered the party, you awoke to see a doppeldoctor killing a bound man, as doppeldoctors are wont to do. Thankfully, you (she, really) escaped in order to wander the crumbling halls of Briarstone Asylum.

Since they had spent the past few days worrying about shapechangers, the guards were not initially friendly towards your group (though why doppelgangers would choose to appear as two elves, an orc, and a shifty human, I don't know). However, your heroic act of fetching several doppelcorpses and killing a bound chaplain-turned-ghoul convinced them that you could be trusted.

Once your group had provided the much-needed services of a cook, lumberjack, healer, and mental health counselor, the survivors' leader, Winter Klazcka, answered a number of your questions. Amongst the exposition, you found out that a group of patients, led by one Ulver Zandalus, rioted with religious fervor. They called themselves the Apostles in Orpiment. Also, the doppelgangers and ghouls appeared at around the same time. No one seemed to know much more than that, least of all your names. Before you left, Winter informed you that the survivors only had around 5 days' worth of supplies in their possession.

Having rested well in the sanctuary, you trudged through the asylum in a party with no names. Your thief took out a giant, ammonia-weeping eye with little trouble (hooray for corpse-robbing!), and you entered the administrative wing.

You headed straight for the library, certain that a good book was the answer to all of life's troubles. Unfortunately, this font of knowledge only seemed to produce rat swarms, as three tome-flinging ratlings set upon you. Being big and strong adventurers, you defeated the ineffective ratlings and their awful summons, interrogating one. Before getting punted into a shelf hole, Genny Two-Tail chittered about both getting trapped by the earthquake and the existence of their great and knowledgeable leader, Ratch Mamby.

Passing a chemical slime trail on the floor, you barreled through the hallway to find the office of Administrator Losandro, whom Winter had mentioned as the woman who ran the sanitarium. You opened the door to see a great deal of blood and multicolored mist. You closed the door, walked back to the sanctuary, and took a nap.

The next morning, you returned to Losandro's office, where Eliege was still kneeling in a pool of her own blood and belching out technicolour dream vapors. One of you inhaled the vapors and fell asleep, prompting a confusing dream ("Why are you here? I killed you already!"), before your pragmatic rogue shot Eliege in the throat, putting her out of her misery.

Soon afterwards, you made your way to the records room, where you found your descriptions (and names!) as admitted patients.

*I can hand Eliege's journal entries to you at game.

Below is a list of encountered survivors, with brief descriptions

  • Genny Two-Tail – an extremely annoying ratling, she is probably somewhere underground by now
  • "Doctor" Scaen – This doppelganger booked it when you got out of your cells, but you didn't find her among the other bodies.
  • "Captain" Vaustin York – an older guard. He is roughly and curmudgeonly as one might expect, given the situation.
  • Winter Klaczka – a sister of the Maiden's Choir Cathedral. Her skills as a healer are why the Royal Accusers enlisted her help in tracking down the missing count of Versex, Haserton Lowls. Though exhausted, her calm demeanor and restorative magics have preserved the survivors' sanity and lives.
  • Juglan Rivercane – "Praise!" "Words Fail…" "Zandalus Seeeeeeeeeees" He is likely saying those things while wandering through the sanitarium.
  • Airwynn Savoia – After being healed, she went back to worrying about how the boiler system fared in the earthquake.
  • Baisily Harbour – She is quick to smile, but her habitual sleepwalking conveys some inner turmoil.
  • Bates Yopchick – Though his wounds have been healed, there is not much that can be done about the seizures.
  • Mura Yopchick – This mute woman is silently protective of Bates.
  • Brenton Lieklan – This orphan was separated from his brother during the uprising. While Tolman does his best to look after him, Brenton's terror is only assuaged by his shadow lantern, a memento of a pleasant childhood.
  • Denman Winoparess – When serving on the kitchen staff, you noticed that his attention to cook times was terrible. However, his skills with a knife made up for that deficiency.
  • Loic Ulsohnen – His sister talks to him constantly. Unfortunately, she has been dead for well over a decade.
  • Maeve Kostenbau – This other child desperately wants to go outside, and she throws tantrums whenever her begging is rebuffed. It doesn't help morale. The shadow lantern and other toys tend to distract her, though.
  • Naysa Walika – A veteran nurse, her natural singing talent helps her to calm the mentally ill. This form of music therapy may well be tempered by her full-figured beauty.
  • Tolman Leolies – This handsome follower of Shelyn spends most of his time looking after the survivor children, whom he has sworn to defend.
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